“Dignity of work” Initiative

Since work and castes are inter related in India, Values Foundation worked on “dignity of labour” to help people understand importance of each and every work (caste) in the society and there by helping them respect each other. Values Foundation in collaboration with various workers unions conducted 15 awareness activities on “Dignity of labour” in various lines of work. Each work and its importance in society, dignity problems faced by these workers were explained to huge spectators using various kinds of art forms, speeches and demonstrations. About 45 thousand people of Prakasam district were inspired to recognize the “dignity of labour” in these 15 awareness activities.  The working professions elevated by Values Foundation are as follows:

  1. aacharyadevobhava – Importance of teaching profession and need for respecting this profession
  2. Sampradaya kalabharathi – Importance of traditional arts/knowledge and need for propagating traditional knowledge to next generation
  3. Annadhata zindabad – Importance of farmers ,  need for their dignity, life security and inculcating agriculture knowledge/practice in very schooling
  4. Pasusampadhaku kaimodpulu mariyu goopuja – Awareness about importance of Indian breed cattle, their protection and need for ethical dairy industry
  5. Nethannaku neerajanam – Importance of handloom industry, public role in development of this industry
  6. Kummarannaku abhinandhana neerajanam – Importance of pottery, need for development of terracotta
  7. Rajakannaku neerajanam– Importance of laundry workers, their problems and need to development of their life security and dignity concerns
  8. Awareness program on secular ideology and human rights: Desamantee manushuloy – Importance of Equality in India, need for eradication caste/religious discrimination
  9. Parisudhyakarmikulaku vinayanjali – Importance of Sanitation, SWM workers, their life security problems and need for improving their dignity and living standards.
  10. viswakarmikulaku kaimodpulu – History of engineering principles in India, present situation and need for development of flexible engineering courses to develop effective working skills among present traditional engineers.
  11. kshurakannaku abhinandhana neerajanam – History of barber community, their traditional arts and need for improving their life security factors and dignity
  12. charmakarannaku abhinandhana chandanam – History of leather industry, their traditional arts/skills and need for improving their life security concerns and dignity
  13. sramajeevulaku abhinandana – Importnace of sweat workers in India, Life security issues of sweat workers and need to improve their dignity in society
  14. kalanjali – Importance of artists in shaping the path of the society, need for improving their life security concerns and dignity
  15. vaidhyonarayano hari – History of Indian medicine, need for socializing medical industry while retaining highest social status for doctors in the society

Values Foundation moderates activities and workshops for school, college students to get first hand experience in various areas like agriculture, cottage industry, skill services , small and large scale industries. The idea is to inculcate the notion of “Dignity of labour” in their young minds.

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