Kalarchana Mission

What is Kalarchana Mission?

Bharateeyam’s Kalarchana Mission is a an open content National Arts Development Mission. This mission involves various organizations, leaders, people towards succeeding the following goals:

1) To make use of various art forms(64 Art forms) as powerful tools in building “Naya Swaraj” for India and the world.

2) Without disturbing the roots, to upgrade the traditional art forms to the present scenario.

3) To organize festivals and competitions on all 64 art forms.

4) Work towards social and policy changes that can help artists with life security and well being.


Who is facilitating this open content mission?

Making this mission a reality is a huge task and one needs an organized facilitator who can create powerful partnerships between organizations, leader, people. Values Foundation bares the facilitation responsibility of this mission by handling roles like– website, office, employees, interns etc.


Click here to visit Kalarchana Mission Website – http://kalarchana.in/

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