Vertical Schooling Program

What is vertical Schooling Program?

Vertical Schooling Program, in short VSP, is a platform that provides a vertical connection between knowledge providers and educational entities through various implementable programs. In other words, VSP is an unpaid teacher or lecturer in your respective college/school. The program is supported by Values Foundation Trust and is completely a non-profit Program

 Our Mission:

Save diversity in every aspect of education and improve interdisciplinary approach thereby constructing a futuristic and sustainable tomorrow.

 Our Objectives:

  • Linkage between knowledge providers (KP) and educational entities
  • Manage office and interns to develop Open Source Education Modules (OSEM), Education and Research (E&R) campaigns.
  • Continuously document the details of Global, National and Local Knowledge Providers (KP) and keep the information accessible for Educational entities
  • Assist students and teachers form various Activity Based Clubs (ABC)

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