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Humanity doesn’t exist without Values. Our past have not only produced good values that helped humanity excel but also bad(pseudo) values that have led to race of kings, misuse of religion, wars and bloodshed. With development of nuclear, chemical, bio weapons of mass destruction, our civilizations cannot afford any more terror/war which has the potential to wipe out the very life on earth. We are in urgent need of developing values among global citizens/governments that will help prevent war, preserves peace & harmony and promotes sustainable development.

In olden days, great sages and learnt preached “good values” keeping future generations in mind. In the present, concern towards future generations is being lost with self centered decisions of people and world governments. These “good old values” need to be improved and applied on our present hurdles of mankind and should be passed to next generation.

Such work is a huge mission for individuals to take up. An organized multidisciplinary intervention in present ways of social living, policy making, technology & development, arts, education etc is needed to accomplish such a huge mission.  Thus, came the need for Values Foundation.


Vision and Mission

Its Vision is to develop a safe and sustainable globe for all our future generations to live on.

Its mission is to inculcate futuristic values in the mindsets of people by using various kinds of activities in the following hemispheres of work:

i.    Social awareness
ii.    Social experimentation
iii.    Environmental conservation
iv.    Education with values
v.    Spiritual awareness
vi.    Heritage development
vii.   Arts as a tool for change
viii.   Social platforms


Success to date

Values Foundation started with 2 big initiatives: Kalarchana – a national arts program and Carbon Credit Race – a pilot project that will help college students drive green activities in their campuses. Later the activities widened into other important projects like

  • Vertical schooling Program
  • Mission Sustainable India
  • “Dignity of work” Initiative
  • Yuva Mission

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